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End-of-Life Planning and Bitcoin →


Everyone gets deleted someday. Now with Coinkite you can plan what happens to your Bitcoins (and Litecoins) after you pass away.

  1. Tell your family and/or executor that you have some funds on Coinkite and your Coinkite username.
  2. Edit your EOL Plan on this page to tell us when and to whom we…
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Blockchain Awards to Honor Bitcoin Leadership at Bitcoin 2014 →


Blockchain and the Bitcoin Foundation introduced the inaugural Blockchain Awards today. The two organizations will co-host the event on 16th May at the Bitcoin 2014 Conference in Amsterdam.

The awards will celebrate “the exceptional quality, leadership, and technical innovation we see every…

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How Cryptocurrencies Can Curb Government Power →

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Forensic linguistics study names Nick Szabo as author of original bitcoin paper →


It’s been a month since Newsweek “outed” bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, as none other than Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto. That declaration was met with immediate skepticism from the bitcoin community and an outright denial from the model train-loving man they identified.

Now, research from…

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Legal Perspectives on Heartbleed →



And by that title, no, we don’t mean legal analysis of the occasional heartache that comes with being in love. We wish you the very best with that.

What we mean, of course, is:

Writing on additional Cybersecurity matters available here»

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Join Coinkite! →

Sign up for a Coinkite wallet, it’s great! You should give it a try.

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Millions of Android devices vulnerable to Heartbleed bug

Security researchers said that version of Android was still used in millions of … “Verizon is aware of the OpenSSL security vulnerability referred to as …


Millions of Android devices vulnerable to Heartbleed bug

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New Features: Send Bitcoin/Litecoin by e-Mail or Create and Share Vouchers! Yes Vouchers! →


Great news,

We are making available two new features:

  1. Send Bitcoin and Litecoin to any one’s e-mail address, even if the receiver doesn’t have a wallet yet!

  2. Create Bitcoin and Litecoin vouchers, share them by email, link, print, phone, Facebook, Twitter or any other way you want. These…

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"Seeing the delight on the faces of the kids and parents, we realized this is a vast untapped need. It was mind-boggling in that literally 100 percent of people said they wanted continuing programs."
a California teacher on the Hour of Code. (via codeorg)


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